Battle of the giants in Pforzheim; Eisleben visits Nendingen – Fifth round of the DRL on Saturday

Battle of the giants in Pforzheim; Eisleben visits Nendingen – Fifth round of the DRL on Saturday

When Ispringen and Weingarten were opponents on the mat the last time in Pforzheim, the focus was on the title of German Team Champion 2017. In the end, the Germanens were able to take the cup after a heart-stopping finale to Weingarten.

Ispringen is seeking revenge on Saturday (7.30pm, Jahnhalle Pforzheim). A win would also mean the opportunity to distance the opponent who is standing behind on the table with 2:4 points after a bad start into the DRL season.

Germania Weingarten, certainly accompanied by a powerful fanbase, is almost under pressure. Statisticians can certainly say when the Germanen last had such a weak start into the season, fact is that the claims of Baden are different.

The spectators can look forward to well-known top athletes in Germany as Ardo Arusaar, Roman Amoyan, Johnny Panait or Jan Fischer and above all a highly exciting and completely open bout.

In Tuttlingen (Mühlauhalle, 9pm) with the ASV Nendingen and the KAV Eisleben two teams are encountering, whose seasons have run very different so far. While Nendingen’s athletes have shown with successive wins against Schifferstadt and Weingarten that they want to have an influential say in the title bout of the German Wrestling League, Eisleben’s team is still without points.

However, their strong squad and their previous struggles clearly show that they can not be written off for a long time. Finally they brought in the last home match with Davor Stefanek the first Olympic champion of Rio in the DRL for the team on the mat. Whether the Serb goes in Schwaben on the mat, is currently being treated as a secret by the responsible person.

In Daniel Cataraga he would encounter an absolute top wrestler. Cataraga, who gave an impressive performance in Weingarten last Saturday and only moved forward over the entire match time.

In this case aswell, despite the previous standings, everything is still in the open. On the other hand, it is certain that the spectators will once again be able to watch world-class athletes en masse in both halls on this Saturday and can look forward to top-class sport.

The battles of the German Ringer League will be streamed live on this Saturday. Also there will be an accompaniment of the evening on the Facebook page of the German Wrestling League. Individual results of the two fights can be found after the end of the bouts at


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