Meeting of the clubs in Leipzig on 28.01.2017

Meeting of the clubs in Leipzig on 28.01.2017

On January 28, 2017, representatives of the German Ringer League DRL, club representatives from, among others, Sachsen-Anhalt and Sachsen, as well as the president of the Polish Ringer League KLZ, Damian Fedorowicz and KLZ representative Krzysztof Szymanski, who once contested for Ludwigshafen and is therefore very familiar with the German team wrestling, gathered in order to have a very pleasant dialogue, for which the facilities of the law firm „nagel / kauerhof / rechtsanwälte“ in Leipzig offered an excellent setting.

The KLZ was initially informed of a meeting with the President of the European Council of UWV Tzeno Tzenov, in which the fees charged by the European Council (formerly CELA) were discussed.

Subsequently, the KLZ gave insights into their league operation and its excellent marketing ( Already in the first year with 6 teams the league enjoys wide acceptance and corresponding attention on television, on the internet, in livestreams and media. For the second year already 4 other teams have contractually guaranteed their accession – a successful concept!

DRL and KLZ see great potential in this and considerable similar interests, for example in the league conception, marketing, cross-border cooperation with the perspective to establish professional leagues even at the European level and to be able to shape competitions in the style of a champions league. We will therefore intensify our existing contact and exchange information continuously. Cross-league battles between KLZ and DRL are at a very advanced planning stage.

At the beginning of the subsequent discussion between the clubs and the DRL at the round table meeting, an absolutely common view and assessment of the current situation of ring sport in Germany quickly emerged. Displeasure and deep concern rise up as for a long time now the squad athletes of the clubs are being massively threatened by the DRB presidium, in case they should start for the DRL. It is falsely and maliciously – against better knowledge – permanently asserted that the DRL would like to establish its own association. This is proven to be wrong. The DRL plans its own tournament series (similar to the KLZ in Poland) and no competing association to the DRB. In such a league, wrestlers can start at any time, without the risk of a suspension (

The DRL clarified that it is on track according to its schedule and that the next steps will be taken on 11.02.2017.

Other present associations from Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt have discussed with great interest the new possibilities and ideas such as mutual match evenings, and will bring them in the Association League of Central Germany. Other new ideas are whetting the appetite for the new season.

Summed up in brief:

  • DRL and KLZ will cooperate.
  • DRL and KLZ are striving for an early friendly match.
  • DRL and Association League of Central Germany examine the common goals. Further details will be set in March 2017.
Meeting of the clubs in Leipzig on 28.01.2017
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