German Wrestling League is starting out – Competitions overshadowed by banned athletes

German Wrestling League is starting out – Competitions overshadowed by banned athletes

Finally the German Wrestling League has started. A truly historic day in the history of German team wrestling, that came to an end with a 18:3 victory of Schifferstadt in Weingarten and a provisonal 11:8 victory of Ispringen in Eisleben.

The clear result in Weingarten does not blind us to the fact how tight many matches really were. The neutral spectator was able to see outstanding wrestling at the highest level promised by the DRL. Outstanding in this case is the victory of Lakobi Kajaia against the Swede Johan Euren.

In Eisleben the spectators got to see eight matches, which resulted in a victory for the guests. The two outstanding bouts will be rescheduled to a date that has yet to be found.

The reasons behind the absence of matches since the middle of the week are the threatened and imposed barriers against many athletes on the squad lists of the DRL by the World Association. In Eisleben two other wrestlers gave in to these threats at short notice and therefore did not compete.

The DRL will take further legal action against this interference with its league operations.

Summary of the individual results:

Germania Weingarten – VfK Schifferstadt

59F Alexandru Chirtoaca – Lasha Talakhabze 2:6 (0:2)

66G Maxim Mamulat – Levani Kavjaradze 0:2 (0:4, SS)

66F Dimitri Malenkov – Maxim Perpelita 0:9 (0:3)

75G Adam Juretzko – Manukhar Tskhadaia 4:5 (0:1)

75F Georg Harth – Tariel Gaphrindashvili 6:4 (1:0)

86G Jan Fischer – Ilyas Özdemir 5:0 (2:0)

86F Georgi Rubaev – Patryk Dublinovski 2:6 (0:2)

98G Maksim Safaryan – Georgi Melia 1:5 (0:2)

98F William Harth – Mamuka Kordzaia 2:2 (0:1)

130G Johan Euren – Iakobi Kajaja 0:9 (0:3)

Final result 3:18


KAV Eisleben – KSV Ispringen

59F Mathias Neumann – Anatoli Buruian 0:8 (0:4, SS)

66G Monrikos Theodoridis – Tonimir Sokol 8:5 (4:0, SS)

66F Ibragim Ilyasov – Maxim Sacultan 3:4 (0:1)

75G Dumitri Minascurta – Igor Besleaga 2:9 (0:2)

86G Stefan Railean – Neven Zugaj 0:7 (0:2)

86F Anatoly Zshershenkov – Carsten Kopp 3:1 (1:0)

98G Nikita Firsov – Ardo Arusaar 0:4 (0:2)

130G Dejan Franjkovic – Etienne Wyrich 11:0 (3:0)

Final result 8:11*

* Temporary result. The bouts in the weight classes 75 kg freestyle and 98 kg freestyle will be rescheduled.

League situation DRL 30.09.2017

1. VfK Schifferstadt 1 2:0 18:3
2. KSV Ispringen 1 2:0 11:8
3. ASV Nendingen 0 0:0 0:0
4. KAV Eisleben 1 0:2 8:11
5. Germania Weingarten 1 0:2 3:18
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