Schifferstadt defends their lead – Weingarten celebrates clear home win

Schifferstadt defends their lead – Weingarten celebrates clear home win

While Germania Weingarten came to achieve a clear home win against the KAV Eisleben, the VfK Schifferstadt prevailed in a dramatic match at ASV Nendingen.

At the duel Nendingen against Schifferstadt there was reason for early cheers on guest side, as Daniel Ligeti was able to shoulder his opponent Asghar Laghari completely out of surprise. Thus, the VfK could compensate for the disadvantage in the fact that 66-kilo man Maxim Perpelita had to compete in a higher weight class. It was clear from an early stage that the decision on the overall result would be made in a single bout.Thus everyone looked forward to the class until 75 Greco, in which Daniel Cataraga, who just became U23 world champion this week, encountered the Schifferstadt world class guy Manukhar Tskhadaia. The bout kept what it had promised, it swayed back and forth, the emotions boiled up, in the end Tskhadaia won 6: 5, and the preliminary decision has been made.

With the 14:13 victory, the Pfalz took two important points, defending the lead in the German Wrestling League, while Nendingen is facing now, after two home defeats in a row, a lot of pressure in the next match.

A clear victory of the home team, however, occured in the other bout of the evening, in which Germania Weingarten defeated the KAV Eisleben 20:5.

Sporting highlight of the evening was the duel in the class up to 98 kilos freestyle, where Eisleben’s Anzor Urishev defeated the Weingarten’s Magomedgadzi Nurov in a high-class and exciting bout with 7:6.

Endless cheers were caused by the return of their favorite Alejandro Valdes, who after just under two minutes apparently effortlessly achieved four points.

In the follow-up discussion between SVG chairman Ralph Oberacker and the coach of the KAV Eisleben Marco Olschewski unfortunately the tiresome topic „blocking by the World Association“ had to be brought up once again.

But also the deal of the DRL with Sport1 was a topic of discussion, a deal which will finally position wrestling in free TV again.

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