German Ringer League hits the ground running on 30.09.2017

German Ringer League hits the ground running on 30.09.2017

Club representatives put wood behind the arrow last Saturday at a meeting in Schifferstadt. In addition to the former national league side Nendingen, Ispringen, Schifferstadt and Weingarten, Mansfelder Land will also participate as a corporation in the first season of the German Wrestling League.

In a constructive meeting the framework conditions for the upcoming round were defined and the rules were drafted. This provides that the clubs meet each other three times and the two first place finishers endorse a round-robin match. The rules should be based strongly on the previous rulebook. The weight classes are based on the currently valid Olympic classes (59, 66, 75, 86, 98, 130 kg). In addition to the ten individual matches that will be called, there will also be a youth match and a women’s match on this match evening. It was pleaded to maintain the current German ratio (5). Due to sanction threats of the German Wrestling Association made to German athletes and the general situation in the transfer market, the debut season will be launched with four German athletes. To increase the attractiveness of the matches it is allowed to use another non-EU foreigner. There will be a limit on the number of foreign athletes though. The number of German wrestlers, however, is not limited. The German Wrestling League will start on September 30th and last until the beginning of February. Until March 4th, there is the possibility for another club to participate in the upcoming season.

In addition to the set of rules organizational issues were clarified. For example, different working groups are being formed for marketing, public relations and the league. The cooperation with the Polish KLZ will also be accelerated and a match between KLZ and DRL will take place in good time. Over the next few days, the schedule and rulebooks will be published.

Short Facts:

  • 12 fights plus finals
  • Weight classes 59, 66, 75, 86, 98, 130 kg, 59 kg fr / gr and 130 fr / gr only half a round, 66 to 98 double
  • Youth and women’s match
  • 4 Germans, 4 EU, 2 N
  • Changeover period until July 31st, maximum 12 EU / N athletes, after this date 2 more athletes can be registered
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